Sunday, July 5, 2009

The caramel incident.

Ugh. I don't even want to type this out it was so horrendous. I was in charge of bringing dessert to our Fourth of July party, so I thought I would get creative and try making homemade twix bars...worst idea...EVER. So I started out wtih the shortbread for the bottom layer...It baked perfectly and was the perfect golden brown color so I was getting excited about this! The caramel layer was a whole other story. I had never made homemade caramel before but it didn't seem like it would be that hard, and its probably not I just can't figure it out. The first attempt NEVER thickened on the stove. I made soupy caramel...great. So I tried a different recipe and this time it hardened and it looked like everything was going great, it thickened and everything so again I was getting excited! I poured it over the shortbread like I was supposed to, and put it in the fridge to harden...somehow the corn oil seperated from the rest of the layer and it was just nasty. I threw it away and called it quits.

Ugh...we will never speak of the caramel incident again.

I ended up just making chocolate chip cookies, a favorite of everyone, and I was crunched for time so it was really the only option.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! It was crappy weather here :( rained all day, and was actually kind of cold. We still had a good time though, we grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs...we had the typical pasta salad, chips, condiments, skyline dip, cookies, cupcakes.

Not a single picture was taken the entire night, which is really sad. I was slacking on my camera duties haha

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